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Below is a set of woodwork from a 1938 Jaguar MK IV that came to us for complete restoration - Reveneering and Refinishing.

It is in relatively good condition and despite its' age, has survived pretty well.

(two parts had been lost and are not pictured)

Our customer has marked all the problem areas ie; splits, cracks, missing wood and extra holes that they wanted us to address.
The two door panel strips in the bottom of the picture are from just one side of the car.  The ones from the other side, had been lost years ago, and so we made two new ones for our customer.
This close-up is a perfect example of woodwork that was "hand-fit" to the car.   If you look closely at the the second and third parts from the top, you will see the the thin  pointed "tails" are different lengths, the parts themselves were almost 1/2" different in length, and the long "finger" on the right side, are shaped diferently.
The two parts at the bottom of this picture are supposed to be a matching pair.  As you can see, the lower one is missing a considerable amount of wood.  We made a new replacement part for our customer.

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