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1977-89   Aston Martin  V8 Vantage  /  Volente - - - Before Restoration


It is obvious why we were sent this set for restoration - - Cracked Finish on Every Part - - Finish and Veneer flaking off the Clock Switch Panel - - A Chip of Finish and Veneer broken out of the Glove Box Door Panel  &  Major Color Differences due to years of consistent sunlight exposure angles.   As you can see, the passenger side faded more than the passenger side.

Look closely at the shift console panel - It has been veneered sometime in its' life with a completely different spcies of wood.

Although these cracks look absolutely horrible, our customer was smart to send it to us before the veneer started cracking and lifting off most of the panels.  We had a complimenting veneer to reveneer the clock switch panel with.

And just look at how much the parts have faded differently.  The refinishing process removes those differences and the parts get back to their original medium dark brown color.

Not only did this set have the aforementioned problems, but the shift console panel was veneered in a completely different wood species and we had a complimenting veneer to reveneer it with.

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Some Aston Martin owners have asked us to Reveneer their sets with a completely different veneer and we are happy to accomodate them.

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