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Your Parts are Special, and safetly getting them to us, and back from us is a Very Important Consideration.


Below, is our shipping advisory - the part about choosing a shipper and sending your shipment a minimum of 2nd day air is important, as your parts are precious and one of a kinds.  Please follow the instructions about the note you need to attach to the parts in the box...and we will call you to go over the job, once we receive your shipment....thanks.


Below is our Shipping Advisory:

When you send us your woodwork, please use a carrier such as FedEx or UPS etc.

 ** We strongly suggest at least 2nd day air - both ways - it is safer - as your parts will have less exposure and  less time riding around in a truck with other boxes piled on top of your parts.

 ** We also strongly suggest that you insure your parts.  All shippers offer insurance and it is well worth it.

Do Not use the post office, as tracking is unreliable and parts seem to get lost and broken when that service is used.

Here is our address:

      Madera Concepts
      55 B Depot Rd.
      Goleta, CA. 93117


Packaging Suggestions:

1.  Remove Hardware:  Please remove ALL the hardware that you are able to remove - clips, tabs, brackets, felts, screws, nuts, rubbers, and weatherstriping etc. before you ship. 

It is best that you retain control of those parts, as it would be a good time for you to clean up, polish, paint, plate or replace any of those items so you are ready for re-installation of your woodwork.  **

There are some parts that have plastic switch retainers or rubber boots that are glued and stapled to the back of the may leave those in place.

Note:  You may leave in place any hardware that is imbedded in the wood or is too difficult for you to remove, and should we need to remove it, we will charge you a nominal fee.

** If you choose not to remove the hardware, we will remove it and charge you to do so.  But because of the aforementioned reasons, we will not put it back on.

2.  Take Notes and Pictures:  We would also suggest that you take notes on your removal process and digital photos of where the aforementioned goes, that way re-installation will go easier for you.


3.  Use a Strong Box:   Use a strong box that is at least 2-3 inches bigger on each end and all sides than the size of your parts. 

Tape similar things together just to give them strength. Then use bubble wrap and shipping "peanuts" to pack all around everything.

Over stuff the box with bubble wrap and shipping "peanuts" so that it makes the box feel tight.

NOTE:  If you are shipping very long parts, you should consider a reinforcing plywood or similar material that is wider and longer than the long parts you are sending.  This will help keep the box from getting bent in half, which would of course break your parts.


4.  Record the Waybill / Tracking Number:  Once you ship the parts, write down the shippers Waybill / Tracking number.  Additionally, you might want to eMail us the tracking number, so both you and us can keep an eye on your make sure it stays on course to get here. 


When you ship, Remember To:

Attach a Note (To the parts- Inside the box) addressing the following issues:

1.  Your Name

2.  Your Daytime Phone Number

3.  Shipping Address:  Provide us a return shipping address that you are comfortable with - for the safe return of your woodwork.

Most shippers nowadays, will leave parcels on porches or behind gates if you are not home. (hate to have it stolen off a porch or left out in the rain)

4.  Speed of Transit:  Tell us how you want your parts shipped back to you - Ground, 2nd Day Air or Overnight (we strongly suggest at least 2nd day air - both ways - it is safer - less time riding around in a truck with other boxes piled on top of your parts)

International Shipments:  International customers have a choice of International Economy - typically 4-5 business days or International Priority - typically 1-3 business days. 

NOTE:  You will be responsible for any Import or Export costs, such as Duties, Taxes, Customs Brokerage fees or other related charges.

5.  Vehicle Details:  Provide the Make, the Year and the Model of your car.

6.  Part Details:  Identify each part and total quantity and write the price(s) you were quoted on this note.


Method of Payment

We will ship your parts when payment is received in Full.

Charge Card Payment:  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

C.O.D. via FedEx :  We use FedEx and we can ship your woodwork back to you C.O.D. and have the FedEx driver collect the payment. 

Note:  We will accept a Cashiers Check or a Money Order (only) !!

Don't forget: someone MUST be there to accept the package and give the delivery driver the Cashiers Check or Money Order.

NOTE:  Currently Shippers charge an additional $10.00 and sometimes a percentage of the invoiced amount for COD shipments, which will be included in your shipping charge.

If you would like to Pre Pay - We will accept a cashiers check, a Money Order, Visa or Master Card (cashiers check or Money Order can only be accepted AFTER an Invoice Total is calculated and relayed to you) 


Charge Card NOTE: You may either:

a. Write on the note you put in the box:  “Call Me for Charge Card Information”  We recommend this option for security reasons.

       b. Write your charge card type, Number, and expiration date on the note you put in the box.  (that information is secure here...but should the box get opened in transit, your personal information could be compromised)


Please note that if you requested an estimated quote from us, that quote DOES NOT include Shipping and Handling !

We are not able to quote you the shipping and handling charges until we have completed the restoration of your woodwork and we know these things:

        a. The size and weight of your return shipment.

        b.  The value of insurance coverage purchased for your return shipment.

        c.  Payment and shipping variables (we will calculate the Shipping & Handling charges and add that to the prices we quoted you based upon #3, #5, #6 & the size of the box and the insurance value etc.)

8.   Do you want us to call you ???   If you would like a call from us PRIOR to starting job - please state that too!!!  (generally we'll call you to go over the required restoration and other details, but just to assure a call, please remind us to do so)

We Thank You for your Patronage

Please feel free to call with any questions you may have and We Remain at Your Service.


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