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              Our Story Begins:

In 1980  the partners of Madera Concepts were assembled as part of an elite team to build the exquisite Burled Walnut dashboards and interior trim components for Clenet Coachworks' "Luxury Neo-Classic" Series I Roadster.   They were chosen for their expertise in woodworking, finishing, design and management and underwent an intense apprenticeship under two of Europe's automotive woodworking masters.

Shortly after the turn of the century, one of Europe's premier automobile upholsters
designed and installed a lacquered wooden facia on the dashboard of a dignitary's
automobile.   The public opinion was so favorable that requests for wooden facia's
quickly overtook those for upholstery and he quickly converted to manufacturing
wooden facia's and trim. His son, our mentor ( pictured ), grew up " at the bench"
and after directing the firm for many years, took over upon his father's death.
With more than 450 craftsmen, they produced the majority of the wooden facias and
trim for European sport and luxury car manufacturers.

They continued to be the " marque" in the business until the gas crisis of the late
seventies devastated the automobile industry in Europe.   Still in his mid-fifties and
yearning for a challenge, our mentor sold his firm and took up an offer from one of America's most prestigious " Neo-Classic" automobile manufacturers..to establish a facility to produce woodwork for them, here in the United States.


For a year and half he and his chief veneering expert trained and directed Messieurs, Gonzales and Wayco in the intricacies of producing the highest quality automotive woodwork in the world.

With the demise of that " Neo-Classic" company
came the birth of Madera Concepts and the tradition continues. Nearing retirement, our mentor " joined the team" shortly after our founding, acting as our internal consultant and heading our repair, reveneering and refinishing department.



Founded in early 1982, Madera Concepts continues to offer the most prestigious automotive woodwork repair, reveneering, and refinishing, available on this continent. Our commitment to excellence has proved our reputation worthy and our products and services are sought by discerning automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

Our goal has been to provide the highest quality automotive woodwork restoration coupled with services that are second to none.   Specializing in these areas alone has established us as the premiere single source supplier in automotive woodwork and automotive wood restoration.

When it comes to the repair, refinishing, reveneering or restoration of existing
automotive woodwork, our 100-point Concours quality craftsmanship is unparalleled. Our OEM replacement selection is the broadest in the world.

In addition to our automotive woodwork repair, refinishing, reveneering and restoration services, our manufacturing capabilities are the most encompassing in the business:   From custom one-of-a-kind sets for automobiles, aviation and nautical applications:  to production runs, both large and small for companies producing vehicles requiring fine wooden interior trim components. (limited edition vehicles too !)

From our founding in 1982 thru 2000 we manufactured over 1800 different wooden dashboard and trim component packages for the automotive aftermarket.  That extensive product line offered for the automotive aftermarket, covered both foreign and domestic vehicles and was the ultimate automobile accessory.  We set the stage
for the " wood in automobiles " craze that lives on today.

As pioneers of this industry in North America, we had no idea what a tremendous influence we would have.  The impact Madera Concepts has made in the automotive world is becoming more evident every day! When we first began producing exotic automotive woodwork in 1982, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar were the only automobile manufacturers offering luxury vehicles with similar appointments.

Today however, nearly every automobile manufacturer produces vehicles with some sort of wood ( either real or imitation )…a fine tribute to the influence of Madera Concepts.

In the tradition of the masters, from whom we carry on the Old World Art of exqusite
automotive wood manufacturing, we proudly offer you our fine products and services.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you or your customers with the warmth and luxury of exotic automotive woodwork available only from Madera Concepts.


Since 1982, Madera Concepts® has proudly operated the nations’ “Number One” facility for complete restoration, reveneering and repair of automotive woodwork. We also manufacture the World’s Largest Selection of O.E.M. Replacement Dashboards and Interior Trim Components. We are Factory Authorized*. Our craftsmen treat each piece with the utmost care, and the attention paid to even the smallest of details is evident. Whether your damaged piece is 90 years old or from last years model, we can restore it to pristine condition.

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